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With our diverse range of product and services offerings, we can assist you whether you are a self-directed investor, an adviser, or a wholesale client looking for something a bit more unique.

On the investment side, we don’t just use proven and tested investment strategies, we are always looking for an edge for our clients, whether it is to utilise the volume agreements we with builders and land developers or exploring off the market finance options and products that go way beyond simply securing a better interest rate.

We give our clients an edge.


We offer various types of financial services including; Refinancing, strategic Investment finance and debt restructuring and consolidation.

Property Research and Acquisition

Our speciality. We are masters of; Market analysis, property research and negotiation with third parties. We work on your behalf to find the best deals.

Property Management

We can also help with finding tenants, ongoing management and securing low holding fees.


Avoid any surprises with the tax man. We know the rules and regulation inside out and can help with tax forecasting and setting up tax effective investments.

Advanced Solutions

We can also help our more experienced investors with additional services such as advanced cashflow management, non-property investments, superannuation, asset protection, advanced tax strategies, estate planning and personal protection.


As a one stop shop, our team will handle the contracts and settlement details on your behalf.

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