Why we are saving Orangutans

Hey we thought we would do a quick blog post on why we are using our advertising budget on planting trees.

As we all know, business is about making connections with people. Finding a tribe of people who like what you do, they get to know you and then if values match up, you choose to do business with them. The formula is pretty simple. Tried and true for millenia.

Except, something shady has been happening the past few years. A monopoly of advertising channels, where only a few big tech companies are the gatekeepers to audiences. These tech companies know so much about us all. They buy and sell our data to the highest bidder. We are the product that they sell.

Here at Property Lab, we understand that we are all hooked into these platforms, they have become the channels of connection, news and knowledge. We aren’t advocating for us all to jump off these platforms. We just want to play with other ways of connecting with people who might be our clients. Because we don’t love the idea of paying money in advertising to the technocrats who are getting richer by the second. We believe that our choices should count, and we want to help create a better planet for our children and grandchildren.

Our ethos at Property Lab is to make choices that build a better future. Our clients are making choices that build a better future for themselves. We are constantly inspired by the people who chose to step out of the comfort zones, be curious enough to look at things that aren’t the norm. Be brave enough to build a better future for themselves. We live this ethos as well, and we want to grow our business with the same curiosity and bravery.

Facebook doesn’t need our money. Cute animals do.  We don’t know if this is going to work. We may have to tweak and adjust our approach. But isn’t that what life is all about. Having an idea about how you want to live, experience, play and take a few risks?

We want to embody the values we think will make this world a better place. Love, integrity, responsibility, compassion and courage.

Of course, we hope this works out for us. We love what we do, and we enjoy the financial benefits of helping people. We are not saints, we have chosen career paths that give us a win/win of helping people and getting paid good money to do so, but we have chosen career paths that allow us to make choices to do things differently, to say no to unbridled greed, to say yes to putting our money where it counts. To say yes to our clients, that we seek a brighter future, just like our clients do.

Now for the pitch - fill out a report to save one of these cute guys 😜 

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