Let the exodus begin

If you are based in Melbourne, like we are, you might be wondering what is my life going to look like in 6 months? It's hard to see the future when things are so locked down, contracted and small. Covid-19 is affecting us in all sorts of ways, physically, emotionally and financially.

We have been talking to a lot of people to understand what the post-C-19 landscape will look like. One thing is extremely clear to us and we want to talk to you about it.

Suburban and Country living will be on the rise.

Yes, this is great news, as companies have adapted and set-up for remote working, people will not be bound to city work and the need to live nearby. Some of the office blocks in the CBD have almost become redundant as there are only 2 people allowed in life at a time. Meaning it would take 3-4 hours in the morning for everyone to get into the building and seated at their desks. By that time its lunch and the whole process would have to start again. Temperatures, tracking whether we like it or not, high-density offices and work-life will be severely stunted soon.

So what does this mean for an investor?

When people have been locked up in a 30-metre apartment with their dog and partner for 4 months, the walls get very small. It's easy to understand that if you can work anywhere and you don't have to commute every day, taking your $550 per week rent for a cool but small shoebox in the city, can be used to rent you a lot more space.

So here folks, the great exodus is happening, people are already looking to get better bang for their buck, or pay less rent for somewhere close to Melbourne, but provide them with more.

Helping people build their futures

There will be a huge demand for good quality housing, in nice areas where city dwellers can move from their high priced apartments or inner suburb run-down villa. People all around the world can look at their lives differently.

People aren’t rushing out to buy their first homes, but they are taking the first step by moving out of the city to save money. That's right, we have talked to a lot of people, who are going to take advantage of remote working, and lower their costs by sharing housing in less trendy neighbourhoods so they can save for their first home. While we might think C-19 is all doom and gloom, heck the media are hell-bent on painting the worst-case scenario, everyday folk, have been giving the headspace to reassess what is important to them. We are big fans in finding win/wins and as investors, we love the idea of people moving out of high priced neighbourhoods, moving into beautiful functional homes in the suburbs and being able to reduce their overall cost of living to be able to save for their future. We also love the idea of buying right so our clients get good ROI. We are so excited about helping investors build the life of their dreams with the right investment property, that fits their social and economic needs and values.

A few questions to ask yourself?

  • Would you live in an apartment or somewhere with a beach or parks if you didn’t have to commute each day?
  • Would you be excited about the prospect of having more space and time if you were an office worker?
  • Would you like to pay off your own mortgage faster by taking advantage of the moving trend of small apartments vs beautiful homes with space?
  • Would you like to be on your way to building an asset pool that will help you become financially independent?
  • Would you like to make 2020 your year to make choices about your life, instead of 2020 happening to you?
  • Would you like to invest in a property that helped people on their financial path?
If this concept of people moving out of cramped apartments for more space make sense to you, or you are nodding your head a agreement any to any of these questions, give us a call, or reach out via email. We are so excited about this opportunity to invest in areas where people want to live, not have to live.

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