Invest in yourself and level up

Wow, 2020 just keeps crazier. Not a week goes by without another hit of intensity. It can be extremely distracting, and quite frankly a little bit scary.

Now, we are going to say something quite controversial here. Now is the time to stay focused on yourself.


It has never been more important to work on yourself. This crazy end-of-times energy is here and it's out of our control. We may look for control through understanding what is going on, we may feel like we need to watch the news or trawl through social media, or look to celebrities or experts to help guide us to a place of comfort and control. It’s all noise, strategically designed to confuse and distract. So much money is being transferred through this chaos, it is utterly stomach-turning. In the first 8 weeks of COVID shutdowns, the top 3 billionaires earned an extra 483Billion dollars. This isn’t including any of the massive contracts and grants that have been issued through the governments of the world.

Now, we aren’t here to espouse conspiracy theories. That's left to a drink at the pub with friends. But what we are here is to be a guiding light to our community, and to say it is ok to look after yourself first, because quite frankly, the stronger and fitter you are, the more people you will be able to help along the way. While the oligarchies of the world play their games and take more power and control, you have to be stoic and resilient to the turmoil they are creating. You need to stay focussed on your dreams, mindset and trust your ability to navigate these rough storms and find safe harbour.

So we say, shut the noise out and invest in yourself now. DO NOT GET DISTRACTED.


Elon Musk has said that there is a ‘billion to one chance’ we are living in a simulation. That is a very high probability indeed.

So let's imagine for a minute we are playing a game, say something like Tomb Raider. If the purpose of this game is to follow your heart's quest, it would make sense as you got further into the game, the environment would get harder to navigate. Here is the thing; if you know it’s a game, you kind of detach from all the craziness going on around, and think to yourself, oh I have to get through this level. You assess the environment and you start playing the game. Not losing sight of your quest, just looking and assessing the changing landscape of the game to look for tools, insights and hacks that help you get through to the next level.

We feel like 2020 could be seen as that. A crazy level of a game, where the level got super intense, but it doesn’t stop you from playing the game.

So when we play, there are always things we want to maintain. High levels of health, wealth and super cool tech/ weapons.

Now let's look at your quest. To build a life of happiness and freedom.

Iit's pretty easy, you are going to have to invest in yourself. You are going to need to focus on your health. I think we can all agree that 2020 has shown us that health is the number one priority, without it, life can get super grim, fast.


So we say invest in your health. Take time out of your week to eat well, exercise and meditate.
(mental health is extremely important if you are planning on levelling up)

  • This might mean spending a little more on good quality natural food.
  • This might mean spending more time on you, and self-care.
  • What does your daily routine look like, are you taking the time to exercise, spend time outdoors, get enough sun.
  • We highly recommend meditating. The mindful revolution is here to stay. Clarity of mind is basically a superpower during these times.


Ok, so this one is obvious we are a property investment company, our how the gig is helping people build wealth.

We see a lot of guilt being flung around the internet at the moment, telling people that they should feel for less fortunate people. We get, but here is the thing, guilt isn’t a productive emotion. It doesn’t lead to any solutions, it just makes people feel powerless and trapped. So we are here to celebrate the idea of growing wealth because with wealth, comes the ability to create impact. So many people build wealth, not for fast cars or fancy houses, but to get to the point where they can use their money to help change the world for better. So we are here to say, if your heart wants to create real change in this world (or simulation) then you had better get your act together and figure out a way where you can create real impact. All this social media virtue signalling isn’t helping anyone really. It's apathetic. Sponsoring a village to get water, or being part of a syndicate that gives out microloans, now that is powerful.


Ok, so hopefully, 2020 doesn’t get any crazier. When we think about winning this level of the game and using weapons. We are thinking about smart investment strategies and teams of experts that can help you perform better. Investing in yourself, means you are investing in the right team of people to help you win the game. No one has all the answers, and you certainly are going to find it easier to level up, if you use your time to leverage other people's skills. We are your secret weapon.

So there you go. We are saying put yourself first. Invest in yourself. Don’t get distracted by all of this turmoil. Your number one job is to look after yourself. Be strong, physically, mentally and financially, so you can be an upstanding member of your community and help others. 

We hope we aren’t living in a simulation, and we know life isn't a game. But we do think that it is worth disassociating now and then to get a different perspective. If this resonates with you, we invite you to have a no-obligation chat. We want to help people level up.  As the saying goes ‘this too shall pass’ and we want to make sure as many people in our network are still playing the game when this all passes.

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