Growing wealth through ease and grace

What if we told you that growing wealth can be done through ease and grace.

Ok, so at Property Lab, we are blessed to have great mindsets. We don’t believe in things being hard, nor do we believe in things being too good to be true either. But what we know is through good relationships and good systems, investing can be a lot easier than what people make it out to be.

Here are our 5 reasons why we believe wealth can be grown in ease and grace.

1. Excellent real relationships.

We may look young, but we have old fashion values. In a world where everything is manufactured and fake - we are going in the opposite direction. We are friends with our clients, and we are friends with our suppliers. Our goal is to get invited to as many BBQs and Christmas parties as possible. We are upstanding members of our community and we want our community to know we are dependable.


2. Transparency

Gone are the days of dodgy backdoor deals. The industry has operated like this for years. When our Founder Tony started in the industry he was shocked at how dirty it was. No wonder more ordinary people aren’t property investors, they have too much integrity and want to play by the rules.

There are a lot of sharks doing deals and feeding on the bodies of people trying to make their way in the world. Tony was like ”No thanks, surely if we build a network of good people and are super transparent, people will be thrilled and we will get lots of referrals and make good money?” A revolutionary idea, it shouldn’t be. But we are glad to say our policy of full transparency is working out great for us and our clients.


3. When we don’t know the answers we tell you.

WTF?? You mean we don’t know everything. How will our ego’s handle us letting you know we aren’t the mega minds of property investment?. Quite easily, because we have a team of people we trust. Yes, we will simply say something like “ great Question John, you know what, I don’t know the answer to that, but let me ask someone who does and I’ll get back to you”. We have found that the people who know all the answers usually aren't the best experts, they are more concerned in looking like the expert than to get you the expert advice you need. We aren’t here to look like we are some Megamind to build up a business on BS. We are here to get our clients the best advice, and that means sometimes going beyond our personal knowledge and bringing in others.  We are about the hive mind, building strong structures for people in our network.


4. We never force an outcome, and so shouldn’t you

We are not fans of the idea of hustle or fighting for success. We believe that growing wealth through ease and grace means to swim downstream. To take small wins and build on them. Not to overextend yourself. Take for example pushing to be able to afford a more expensive investment property. Hell no, this is just going to cause stress and sleepless nights, just because you can be approved to borrow up to a certain limit does not always mean you should. We don’t want you to force a situation to happen. We want you to look honestly at what is comfortable, doable, easy and work from that place. You will be surprised how quickly you can grow your wealth by making choices that work for your personal situation. As people say, it's not quantity its quality, and we work with you to make quality choices.


5. Be excited about your choices

Ok, so ease and grace have a lot to do with your relationship with money, wealth, your identity. We know that people who are excited about investing, are not operating from a place of fear. Fear is a disease that will eat away at you and undermine your ability to make good choices. If you are in a state of fear, your cognitive decision-making abilities go down. You will see people hit a downward spiral and it nothing seems to work out for them. This isn’t some you want to experience. You want to operate from a place where your decisions are lucid and agile - and this comes from a state of excitement. Being excited is about creating futures and possibilities that have positive outcomes. The energy associated with excitement will frame the journey of wealth building as an adventure, it will mean you actively participate in it, learn more and inevitably create more. More opportunities and wealth.

So there you have it. We might be the only Property Investment company in the world not telling you to hustle hard and to learn complex strategies. We are here to help you live a life that you not only enjoy in your later years but also enjoy now!! We are about living in the moment, empowering our clients to be free. To empower them to achieve their dreams with ease and grace.


Surely you want in? Surely you want to make choices that are supported by a loving team of good people, where you can grow your wealth in a stress-free exciting way.

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